Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Details

1. Membership applications are valid for up to one year only, join at any time.

2. Annual memberships will start from acceptance of application, memberships will cease at the end of the 12th calendar month. 

3. inspire2coach limited (i2c tennis) operates the membership and may block book the courts at given times.  These bookings will be clearly marked on the booking system.


Flood Lights

Floodlights are automatically turned on at dusk and will go off at 10pm


Toilet Facilities

Public toilets are located in the park and are available from 7.30am until dusk, however, the operators of the tennis courts are not responsible for the availability of these public facilities


Members Booking Tennis Courts

1. All members must book tennis courts in advance using the online booking system through the website at

2. Courts may be booked up to 7 days in advance.

3. All players on a booked court must either be members (through the Annual Household Membership) or have paid via the Pay & Play method

4. Each household membership allows booking of 1 court for 1 hour per day, 365 days a year

5. If two members believe they have booked the same court at the same time, they must check the online booking sheet which is definitive

Application Process

1. To become a member please visit

2. All memberships are payable online in 1 annual instalment

3. Any members that have any medical conditions that could affect their ability to play are recommended to seek medical advice before playing.


Rules and Regulations

1. Member's PIN codes must not be passed on to non-members.

2. Only tennis must be played on the courts. Any other activity is forbidden.

3. No dogs allowed on court

4. Appropriate sports clothing must be worn at all times (i.e. footwear and tops worn at all times).

5. All members must check the tennis courts before playing and ensure that it is safe for use. Any members playing when the courts are considered unsafe, do so at their own risk.  Any safety issues must be brought to the attention of  i2c tennis on 07873 221881

6. If a booked court is not taken within 10 minutes of the time shown, the court will be released for public use.

7. Please ensure that you close the gate when entering and leaving the courts.

8. You are expected to conduct yourselves so that no other people are offended by your behaviour or language (swearing is not acceptable).

9. i2c tennis has the right to ask any person misusing, or behaving anti-socially on the courts to leave.

10. i2c tennis has the right to request proof of membership at any time.

11. i2c tennis reserves the right to cancel the membership of any person who does not abide by the terms and conditions. Membership will be deactivated and no refund will be given.

12. These Terms and Conditions can change at any time and members should check the website for the latest version. Hard copies are available on demand.

13. Any matters for concern regarding your membership or any other member, please contact i2c tennis on 07873 221881